POODLE Attacks: Browser Vendors Scramble to Disable SSL3

Attack Vulnerabilities found in SSLv3 Internet and Website Security are continuing to be challenging in 2014. Anything on the Cloud is vulnerable needs to be secured as much as possible. This week, the Google Security Team announced the discovery of a major flaw in an outdated, but widely-used SSL protocol: SSL3. How to Turn Off SSL3 in Firefox and Internet Explorer Browsers: Firefox: To prevent POODLE attacks on Firefox, just add this extension to … [Read more...]

SEO Content Marketing Tips Sept 2014

Three Power SEO Content Marketing Tips SEO and Content Marketing Action Items 1. Write Blog posts, using keywords (or key phrases) to be promoted in the Post Title and text content. 2. Format the blog posts correctly: critical. Use Headings h1, h2, h3 in section headings. Use keywords, key phrases and synonyms for your keywords. 3. Distribute the blog post links to your social media accounts. Using a tool like Hootsuite* will be very helpful. Blogging, Content Marketing and SEO Why should … [Read more...]

How to Create Web Safe Passwords

And Why Business Should Write Regular Blog Posts Just last week, I drafted this blog post. But got busy and did not publish it. Lesson learned: Publish! Web Safe Passwords For years, I've been telling my clients and students: "You need web safe passwords!". Scroll down in this article to see online security tips from Mat Honan of Wired magazine - and some password vault tools to encrypt and protect your online passwords and logins. Buffy, Honey or Bunny: Not Good Passwords With the … [Read more...]

My Pandamonium Creates Marketing Internet Presence

 My Pandamonium™ Creates Marketing Internet Presence Completely Affordable Wordpress Business CMS Websites Online Marketing Presence with Large Corporation Look and Feel My Pandamonium Websites Include: Wordpress CMS Websites: Best for Business Unlimited Pages, Videos and Email Addresses (when using our Recommended Website Hosting: Hostmonster) Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Website Architecture SEO Best Practices used in the website build (very important!) Highly Rated … [Read more...]